Tourism and Hotel Management

Course Objective (CO)

Organizations in the Travel and tourism industry constantly understand projects to develop and test new products and services. Regardless of the type of travel and tourism organization or the products and services that it offers, marketing plays a key function in this success. Familiarize the students with the ways in which ethical issues arise and examine strategies for their management, Tourism development of destinations facilities and services to meet the needs of current and future tourists. To examine tourism marketing management in the context of services marketing. This course is also designed to address important issues relating to the financial management of businesses operating in the tourism industry.

Generic skills

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

    • Work independently while collaborating as a team member;
    •  Analysis and summarise professional documents;
    • Exercise excellent Oral, written and corporate communication skills within and without
    • Participate /engage in the management of the project;
    • Know and make use of professional networks and institutions of tourism sectors.

Specific skills

    • Understand travel agency operations.
    • Deal with the tourists and colleagues in a professional manner.
    • Manage the needs and requirements of different types of tourists.
    • Deal with the needs and requirements of incoming tourists.
    • Comply with legal requirements of the hospitality industry.
    • Identify the agents, impact managing the impact of tourism development.
    •  Know that marketing is a continuous process that includes everything that an organization does to attract keep customer
    • The marketing process in the travel and tourism industry.
    • Choose a travel and tourism project, the business plan and a team work.
    • Produce promotional material suitable for use in travel and tourism

Career opportunities targeted: Upon successful completion of this course, candidates should possess the skills to serve as:

    • Managers of the lodging service of a hotel establishment;
    • Manage an independent hotel or chain;
    • Front-desk operators;
    • Operations Director;
    • Director of accommodation in hotels;
    • Executive Housekeeper or Deputy House keeper;
    • Customer Relationship Manager;
    •  Head waiter;
    • Yield manager