Why Us

  • Our principle of “Education today …. Jobs tomorrow”. Because we work in partnership with big and small businesses in the economy and send our students on regular internship and mentorship programmes, our graduates are practically guaranteed employment.
  • Opportunities to further your education worldwide. With our international coordinators strategically positioned around the World, you are guaranteed support in pursuing your studies abroad or acquiring international internships. More so, Achas University Institute of Management has partnerships with many Universities and institutions of Higher learning around the world, so our students desiring international experience have a wide range of institutions to choose from.
  • Our courses are career focused. All our courses/programmes are geared towards specific careers thereby guiding the student into specific jobs;
  • Bursaries for best performing students. Each year the Management of Achas University Institute of Management offers free study bursaries to best performing students to motivate and support academic excellence. WITH US, FINANCE SHOULD NOT BE THE LIMITATION TO YOUR EDUCATION; HARD WORK IS THE KEY.
  • Innovative teaching and learning methods. At Achas University Institute, a variety of teaching and assessment methods are employed in order to produce an all-round student that is academically sound and professionally ready-for-action in the industry or job market. Here the students benefit and learn through tutorials, field trips, internships, workshops and conferences, and are tested on all of these.
  • Quality programmes that meet international standards. Take a look at the list of our international examiners who moderate our examination papers to make sure the quality is World class, and visit Cameroon from time to time to give lectures. In addition, Achas University Institute of Management has an academic advisory committee made up of both Cameroonian and International experts whose close supervision ensures that the courses offered at Achas University Institute are internationally competitive. Take a look at the list of these eminent scholars and influential individuals.