About the University

Achas University Institute of Tourism and Business Management is a professional institution of higher learning accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon to offer both under graduate and Masters’ degree courses under the mentorship of the University of Dschang (a state University). Our vision is to be one of the leading privately funded Universities on the African continent providing education most relevant to the developmental needs of the continent. Our mission is to deliver the quality of education that enables our graduates to access employment in the shortest possible time. We do this by aligning our curriculum with the needs of the job market.

What we do

Achas University is designed to impact our students and communities in the three key areas of teaching and learning, entrepreneurship and research. Our goal is to dispense talents and skills that motivate and equip our graduates to start their own businesses or bring creativity and innovation to existing corporates. Research is therefore central to the work we do, both within student development and community engagement.